How do I Get Started with Celebrity Method Hair Extensions?

1: Text me your first name to (916) 803-3602

2: Text me photos of your hair showing it's length from the sides, and back and front, I need to see the thickness and layers and the color.  (it should be touching your shoulders to get best results).

3: Text a few photos of your Goal

4: Describe your Hair Texture. Thin/Thick. Fine, Very Curly, Coarse, Wavy,    Naturally Curly. Do you straighten it daily or do you wear it natural?

5: Have you ever worn Extensions? If so, what kind?

6: Clip in extensions are a great way to see if your hair is long enough to cover the attachment and whether you can tolerate extensions and can style them so that they look like they are your hair.

7: Once I receive your photos and answers to the above questions, I will text you back immediately and we can decide on a plan for your hair and schedule an appointment day and time. This can also be done with a phone call. This may help you decide whether you need an in person consultation or not.

8: Consultation: If you PREFER to do a Consultation Prior to Installing your Extensions, that is another option. I charge $50 (non refundable) for up to 30 min, this does go toward payment of your extensions.

9: Installation Appointment: I will need a non refundabe deposit to hold this appointment of $100 to my paypal. ( 24 hours notice needed to reschedule or the deposit must be paid again if you no show or do not give notice).

How long is the initial appointment?

2.5-5 hours depending on how many rows you need. I explain proper care and maintenance with you and answer any questions you have. I will blend the extensions in with your hair and curl or straighten both. I will take before and after photos.

Can I Cut and Color My Extensions?NO.

If another stylist besides myself cuts or colors your extensions I cannot guarantee the results. Please do not let anyone but me maintain your extensions. It IS safe to color your regrowth (roots)  while the extensions are still in. Do not bleach or color your extensions, the results are not predictable. If they get cut before a move up then they may be too short when I move them up. If you wish them to be shorter or more layered, text me, I will work you into my schedule, no charge within the first two weeks. Or wait until your move up appointment and I can trim them shorter or layer them at no charge.

How Much are Extensions?

ONE ROW:    14"  $530 - $670 

TWO ROWS   14"  $910 - $1190

ONE ROW      18"   $650 - $850

TWO ROWS   18"   $1150 - $1550

ONE ROW      22"   $650, $850, $1050

TWO ROWS   22"   $1350 - $1750

ONE ROW     18"/22"  $ 850 - $1450 

TWO ROWS  18"/22"   $1150 - $1750

Adding more hair increases the price.

Move up is in 6-8 weeks and is $150 for 1 Row , 2 Rows is $250 , 3 Rows is $350

Move ups take 1-2 hours.   Installation is 2-4 hours. Add 1 hour for coloring extensions.

What kind of Hair is it?

I use Hand Tied Wefts of Indian Temple Hair. It has a beautiful natural wave/body to it. The hair is collected in a Temple in India, it is cuticle intact running in the same direction. The hair is processed in India, not sent to China. My Hair Distributor actually owns the factory the hair is processed in. There are 80 quality control points that it must pass before it will be sent out. The hair has been decolorized for 2 weeks in a food grade decolorizer, then dyed with food grade fabric dye for two weeks. The hair is the best quality I can find. It does not have silicone coating it like all the other hair out there.   It is a much higher quality hair than the hair that is used for Clip In Extensions. It is not sold in a wig store. I order it from my professional only distributor.  Other methods of "Beaded Extensions" use Machine Wefted Hair, this is very thick at the attachment and you can only use 1-2 wefts, therefore you need 3-4 ROWS of hair to get the thickness of the NBR.

Can I Return them?

Human Hair is a Final Sale product with no refunds or returns. Be sure you want extensions before you get them. If you are having trouble adjusting to them I will remove them free of charge within the first week. I will not return your money. You paid for a service and the sale is final. After the first week: Removal fee is: $50 for 1-2 rows.

What is a Move Up?   What is the Cost?

Before you leave your Installation Appointment you should schedule a Move Up Appointment in 6 -8 weeks. Arrive with CLEAN, Dry hair with minimal/no product in it. This is a maintenance appointment. The beads will be removed and the wefts taken out. New beads will be installed and the extension weft will be sewn back in.  At this time you may want to add a few more wefts of hair, change some colors, or even get all new hair. Move up of One Row is $150 and takes about one hour. Two rows is $250 and takes about two hours. Adding extra hair is extra $. The hair with proper care should last 6 months easily, ( some have theirs last a year). With move ups / Maintenance Appointments every 6-8 weeks.

Will they Damage my Natural Hair?

No extension method is completely damage free. It is up to the Extension Artist to use good judgement. This method has been the most gentle I have found. It is much less weight and more gentle on your hair than clip ins. If you are careful with your hair and use proper products and only have them removed by an Experienced Extension Stylist then your hair will continue to grow in spite of the extensions. Always contact me ASAP if you have an ISSUE, a tangle, a Question, Anything that makes you worry, TEXT ME. I cannot help you if you do not let me now there is an issue. I will do everything I can to get you in within 48 hours.

Celebrity Method vs All the Other Methods

In my opinion installing and wearing extensions for 14 years this method is my favorite. Here is my take on all the other methods I am experienced and certified in:

TAPE INs are similar in their LOOK because they are a thin weft and lie flat to the head, I have had them tear hair out on many clients, especially very fine haired clients. In some people they just don't want to stay in and fall out after a few weeks. They are very time consuming to remove and re tape and reapply. Getting the sticky tape completely out of the hair and off of the tabs is very difficult. Adding just a few tape ins ABOVE the Celebrity Method Row can be a good alternative to having a whole head of tape in extensions. I have a few brands that are professional only . If you would like a little more fullness in the front I can add one or two tape ins. 

FUSION is an older method that has worked very well for some people. It takes up more space on the head by using individual strands (100-250 pieces of hair) and doesn't always look natural, it can look stringy if not enough hair is used. Your natural hair can thin out after using this method due to the constant stress on the hair follicles, and they are spaced all over the head. The maintenance for Fusion is 3-4 months, up to 6 months. This is the most convenient method for some people. You need to buy new hair each time.  I am certified in HairDreams which I have found to have the most amazing hair quality. Their bond is not keratin and does not FUSE to your natural hair, it is a patented polymer that wraps around your hair and forms a tight bond, easily removed with the proper removal solution.

KLIXis a method that uses wefts and the beads are attached to a silicone strip at the top. The wefts are thin so you need 3-7 rows to get the fullness I can get with 1-2 rows of NBR. The klix had a tendency to slip out easily especially in Fine or oily hair and I was having to work clients in to "fix" a bead every few weeks.

MICRO LINKmethod is the most popular now but uses the strand by strand hair, it can look stringy (like spaghetti) and pieces can fall out. The beads made of copper can damage (cut) the hair, using aluminum and aluminum lined with silicone minimizes that problem. But they still take up a lot of real estate on the head. Making it difficult to pull up your hair in a ponytail or not see the connection site when the wind blows.

I've also doneSHRINK LINKS and those never seemed to stay in for me.

If you are doing FUSION then HAIRDREAMS has the BEST quality hair on the market, it is VERY EXPENSIVE but it lasts a very long time and is the most tangle free. The attachement is NOT Keratin, it is actually a polymer/plastic and it wraps around the section of your hair when it is installed, it is not FUSED to it like the KERATIN FUSION Methods. (I have a few clients that I do this method for still, they only want move ups every 4-6 months and their hair is already very long).

NBR  is the method I was certified in over 2 years ago. It changed everytihng! I loved it! I used it on ALL my clients and they loved it too! After they came back a few times for their move up appointments, they had some concerns and so did I with the Method.  I was not sure if it was Operator Error (me) or just something that everyone experienced. I had heard complaints from other stylists about these issues so I decided to find a BETTER way to do NBR. That  is how the Celebrity Method came about. It is a cross between a well known Hollywood Extension Artist and NBR. It solved all the problems I was experiencing with NBR and NBR had solved all the problems  I was experiencing with all the previous methods. I have NBR clients who have come in and I have explained WHY I chose to modify it and how, they are excited about trying it and the response has been very positive from everyone.

With Celebrity Method I am able to keep all of the hair colors in stock. This means I don't have to do special orders and you don't have to wait for your hair. In-Salon Consultations Are NOT necessary anymore. If you want another row or to add more hair on your next visit, just say so and it is done.

There is NOT one method that works for EVERYONE. This method works for most people and I prefer to help women with fine and thinning hair or medium textured hair that want thickness and length.

If you just got a very short blunt haircut (or a pixie cut) and your hair is extremely thick then extensions are not a good option, honestly. If you want to lengthen the sides (over your ears) of a shorter cut then tape ins are best for that. You can create an a-line bob shape to give the illusion of length while your natural hair grows.

Extremely Curly Hair that Tangles easily does not do well with this method of extensions.  The Extension hair is not curly so you would have to straighten your hair or curl/wave the extensions after they are dry, in order for the two textures of hair to blend. I have not found any Curly Textured Hair that is up to my Standards, sadly.

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