Sacramento Hair Extensions

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A Halo is Removeable Hairpiece that is a  7-10 piece THICK Machine Wefted Strips of hair that are sewn together and an adjustable plastic (invisible) wire is attached to the ends, this wire sits on top of your head, Like a headband allowing the weft to drape over your ears and down around under the occipital bone at the back of your head. (much like the position of the NBR Extensions).

It is removable and you can install it yourself in about 15 seconds. It is much heavier than the NBR. It contains a lot of hair and resembles a wig, but does NOT cover the top of your head like a wig does. It is not attached to your hair as the NBR is, therefore it is completely damage free and easily removed. It does stay on securely and is undetectable. Much easier than clip in hair.

If it is your first time getting hair extensions. Try a Halo, you can use it at the same time as your NBR, for added thickness and length.

The Halo is removable and made of Remy Cuticle Hair.  It will feel better than any clip ins you can find.  I also stock the wet line (shampoo, conditioner, spray in oil/conditioner) It really does recondition the hairpieces to it's original Silkiness and Shine.


Regular Thickness (not layered)

12" /  $325

16" /  $350

20" /  $410

24" /  $450

Layered (Thicker than the Regular)

14"  / $400

18" /  $425

22" /  $475

This includes a 15-30 min consultation appointment to determine length and color and to try them on. I have a few in stock for demos, I will color match you with my color ring and then order your Halo, it takes 2 days to arrive, if ordered by 3pm. Also when it arrives (2-3 days later) 15-30 min appointment to be sure you are able to put it on yourself easily.