1121 22nd Street Sacramento CA 95816


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Private Home Hair Extension Studio

 No Guests  -  by Appointment Only .

Hours:   11am - 7pm.

 Mon-Sat.   Closed Sunday.


Sacramento  Hair  Extensions          Pam  Edwards 


There is 2 hour free street parking directly in front of my house or across the street . Also on L Street. I have a guest pass I can let you use so you can stay as long as you need to. Be very watchful of the SIGNS posted 2 per block, between the alley and the cross street. They are easy to miss. Look for them! They tell you what times and DAYS are NOT ALLOWED for parking. There are also meters on the street (diagonal parking) on 22nd near J Street (Between K and J) where you can park for 8 hours. Meters also are on 21st between L and K. Stay off of K Street, the parking meters are only 2 hours. 23rd Street usually has some parking spaces open, between K and L.

Do not park in any other parking lots across the street, they are private, and you will be ticketed or towed. On Saturday and Sunday and after 5pm ONLY you MAY Park in the private lot across the street between the light blue and beige house, It says "employee parking only" but I have special permission on the weekends and after 5pm only.

Wednesdays and Thursdays there is Street Cleaning / Garbage Pickup from 8am-noon. NO PARKING on 22nd Street BEFORE NOON on ONE SIDE ONLY there are signs posted. DO NOT park in the Driveway next door to my house. L is a one way street. Street Cleaning on L Street is Monday and Tuesday until noon, please check the signs. Ask when you arrive if you are parked in a safe place, in case I forget to ask you. Text me if you are out front and cannot find parking, I will come downstairs and give you my parking pass, so you can park and not have to run back to get the pass.

I am located to the Right on 22nd St if you are traveling up L Street. From K Street, I am located between K and L Streets.

1121 22nd Street, upstairs. Green House.