​​Policies and Procedures: 

TEXTING: Is the easiest way to communicate QUICKLY with me. I can answer you while I am working, but I cannot always have a full conversation. I will message you that I received your text but if I do not text you back, then I did not see it. Please re send your text if I do not respond within 12 hours. I am happy to Call you, let me know when is convenient for you. PLEASE be HONEST and Polite when Texting. If you need to Move an Appt, tell me what DAY and TIME is best for you by giving me a few options. I can usually text you back immediately.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation/rescheduling. Emergencies come up, let me know asap. Otherwise $50 for the missed appointment will be due upon next visit,  I will charge you an additional $50 to hold your next appointment, but using that $50 toward your next service.

Please arrive at your EXACT time of your appointment or a few minutes LATE. (I am not able to let you in early, as I work alone). I value the privacy of my clients. If you arrive early, you may text me and if I can take you early I most certainly will. Please wait on my Front Porch. If I am running behind I will text you in advance. Temple Coffee is now open on the corner of 22nd and K. (1/2 block away). You can walk there if you are early. 

I do have a few friendly cats. I have a few clients with cat allergies but it has not been a problem.

Always arrive with CLEAN and DRY HAIR (shampooed) same day or day before. I do not shampoo your extensions after removal, I just tighten them. (Move them up).

Please do NOT bring a friend or family member or child or pet to your appointment. I do not work in a salon where I can accommodate guests. I work in my private home. I want to give YOU my undivided attention, no distractions. If you want to have them come in and just meet me that would be great! If you have a special circumstance, let me now BEFORE you arrive.


Tightening (Move Up) Appointments for your extensions are to be pre booked before you leave for 6-8 weeks out. This ensures that you are able to get in when you need to. You can always text and move your appointment if needed.

Payment is due at time of service. I have the Square, which accepts all major credit cards. I  can deposit checks into my bank online and be sure they clear if you write a check, but first timers please use a credit card or bring cash. I do not have payment plans or accept post dated checks. I accept VENMO and PAYPAL.

TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY IF you have a CONCERN or QUESTION about the care or condition of your extensions, CONTACT ME ASAP. If your extensions are tangled for whatever reason, stop. TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY. Tell me what happened and I can talk you through it. IF you try to REMOVE them yourself there is a High Possibility you WILL Damage your Natural Hair and The Extensions. IF you do not let ME know of any PROBLEM you are having I cannot help you.

Hair that is "Bad": I pre wash and treat my extensions hair with OLAPLEX to prolong the life of it. If hair has been overprocessed at the Factory, I WILL catch it then. If you do accidently get hair that is not good and install it, then it will show up within 2 weeks. After 1-2 shampoos you will know if you got a "bad batch" of hair. I will replace it if it is indeed the hair and not the Care it has received. I have only had this happen to my knowledge a few times in the 3 years I have used this brand of hair.

I have recently started using a higher quality brand of hair and they actually do their own In House Testing of the Hair before they ship it to me. I have had ZERO issues and the hair is lasting very well. 6 - 8 months.

Use Professional Products to Extend the Life of Your Extensions: Sulfate Free Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Argan Oil (2x a day), Leave in Spray Conditioner/Detangler (daily), Thermal Protection Spray for blow drying and Curling, Olaplex #3, a Silk Pillow Case. (I have all of these in stock). You MUST use Products like the ones listed or your extensions hair will not last or will tangle or feel dry.

Lower your heat on your appliances to 280 - 320 degrees. Use a Warm Blow dryer on Medium Speed or Air Dry your Extensions.  NEVER go to Sleep with WET hair.

Gently Massage with your finger, your scalp area just below and above the row of beads of your extensions. You can do this when shampooing your hair. Be sure to rinse thoroughly at the base of the attachment site. If shampoo remains it can cause your scalp to have flakes or irritate it. A Hand Held Shower Nozzle works best.

Ponytails and Hats: Be very Careful. Do not Pull or Push Tightly on your extensions. The first week do low ponies.  

Carefully Brush out all tangles and braid or ponytail your hair before getting it wet. (Sweating, working out, swimming, sauna, getting wind blown, motorcycle riding, or any extreme activity that could cause your hair to tangle).   Bun or Braid before any extreme activity.

Shampoo your hair less often. Once or Twice a week or every 3 days. Use Dry Shampoo instead.

I supply the HAIR. Because I Guarantee it's quality I cannot use hair I am not familiar with. I also treat it with Olaplex for added strength and shine and longevity.

If you let someone ALTER or Remove your extensions I can no longer guarantee their longevity. I ask for you to respect me enough to inform me if this happens. Then, if you want to get them re-installed, I will already know the circumstances. I can remove them for you at no charge, and can work you in within 24 hours if needed.

Do NOT let anyone COLOR or CUT or ALTER or REMOVE your extensions in any way. They are my artwork and I cannot guarantee their longevity if they are altered in any way. If you have an issue, contact me immediately. I can work you in as an EMERGENCY within 24 hours. Please Text me and let me know if your extensions are not still in if you do remove them. I worry and get concerned if it has been over 12 weeks and you have not been in or your move up.

Taking a break from wearing your extensions is Normal. Reasons: Surgery, Vacation where you will be doing extreme activities daily. A complete color change.  I will remove them safely and quickly at no charge and keep the hair safe in my studio until you want to reinstall them. If you try to remove them yourself it could cause damage to your hair and the extensions and it takes a long time. It takes me 10-15 min. 

You can easily color your regrowth/roots to cover grey or you can hi light your hair while the extensions are in. If your colorist is not comfortable doing that I can remove your extensions before that Appt and install them in the same day, we will just have to coordinate times. 

To CONTACT ME:   T E X T  916-803-3602    I will respond as soon as I see the text.

First Time Appointment MUST be secured with a PAYMENT of $200 to my Paypal.

https://paypal.me/pamedwards (this goes toward the total cost of your service).

Opens at 11am. Mon - Sat  / by Appointment Only

Sacramento  Hair  Extensions          Pam  Edwards 

Welcome to Sacramento Hair Extensions by Pam Edwards, where  Longer and Thicker Hair is a Reality! I work in a Private Home Studio by appointment only.  It is a Relaxed Peaceful Atmosphere where you feel at home. Please Read this Entire Site, I have answered Every Question about Extensions I could think of right here! I'm a no nonsense straight forward person. I Respect and Care about my Clients, I expect the SAME in return. I'm a Hair Artist: Sensitive, a Perfectionist and a little bit Eccentric. Put your Trust in Me and you will be completely satisfied with your hair.

Extension Specialist since 2004 / 14 years

Cosmetology License since 1998 

Midtown Sacramento, CA Location since 2010

My Private

Hair Extension Studio is Located in my Home, 2nd Floor.

By Appointment Only.

Beginning at 11am.

*No Guests or

children please.