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OLAPLEX #3 is used prior to shampooing your hair. Just apply it to dry or damp hair (if you have excess product buildup it is best to shampoo it first). Use a small amount and comb it through, mostly on your natural hair on the ends. If your hair seems to not be growing, or getting any longer it is because the ends are breaking off.  Apply to your Extension Hair Weeky and it WILL extend the Life of your hair. OLAPLEX actually repairs/rebuilds the bonds of your hair and can cause your hair to feel thicker, and stronger and shiny.  Healthy hair is Soft and Shiny. Olaplex  is NOT  a CONDITIONER. It is a TREATMENT, it does not wash out of your hair, it mends broken bonds. The more often you use it the better the condition of your hair will be. If you are short on time just use it on the hair that is ABOVE your extensions

Olaplex has a Shampoo and a Conditioner Now!

I have tested it on my clients and they are loving it! I notice immediately when they walk in for their move up how great their hair looks, I ask them to tell me EVERYTHING they are using! It's the Olaplex! Shampoo is #4, Conditioner is #5. I keep plenty in stock.

I have sometimes already pre-treated your extensions with Olaplex #1 and #2. (the blond hair) These are for professional use only and will ensure the hair is in the best possible shape before installation. Using a good, gentle Shampoo and Conditioners containing  Moisture (masks) (not protein) protein can build up.  Leave in conditioners (sprays) (daily on dry hair) are still very important to use. Argon Oil is your extension hair's best friend twice a day!.

Olaplex #6 is a LEAVE IN and can be mixed with a few drops of Olaplex #7 their Oil. These 2 are amazing for extension hair, defrizzing and making it more soft and smooth. 

RINSE and DRY          

Rinse the conditioner thoroughly. Use cool to cold water to add shine and close the cuticle. BLOT your Hair Gently with a Towel or Two. Get as much water out as you can. THEN Apply a few drops of an argon oil or light weight oil to the ends. Spray in a Leave In Conditioner. Blot Excess. DO NOT Comb or Brush Wet Hair. It stretches and will break. If you have tangles, do not worry, just begin blow drying on a medium/warm setting/slow speed. You do not want to burn your extensions. Use the Directional or Diffuser End to keep the heat source farther away from the extensions. If you are not sure, direct the dryer over your forearm and determine how many inches from your hair you need to be to not cause pain.  Some choose to air dry their extensions. After they are completely dry, you can brush/comb any tangles out easily without stretching your hair. Continue to hold the hair above where you are brushing to not cause too much pulling and stress on your scalp.  You may use a comb to dislodge those  tangles that occur in the first 1-2 inches from the scalp, the hair is  thicker there and very compact. Do not try to de-tangle this area when wet, the tangles will easily slip out when the hair is dry.


Always use a THERMAL PROTECTOR (spray)  before blow drying and/or a (LEAVE IN CONDITIONER). Use a lower temperature to blow dry and 280-300 degrees is hot enough for your flat iron and curling iron. Do not use any hotter settings on your extensions hair or especially if your hair is blond. Get a new curling iron if needed. It could literally be the one reason your hair is breaking off. It also causes your color to fade. 


You can pull your hair up and back into a braid or pony with this method, easier than other methods. It is best to go WITH (not against) the direction of the hair, pull gently down and back, gently sweeping the hair on the sides just over the ears and back. Do not pull tightly and aggressively on the front of the extensions as you put them into ponytail, be gentle. It is much like when your ponytail is TOO TIGHT and you feel like your "hair hurts" when you remove the elastic. That is your hair pulling on your scalp at it's attachment. Extensions are attached to your scalp as well and you do not want to STRESS this attachment. Do not wear a tight swim cap or hat that can pull or add stress to the extensions, if it feels too tight on your head, it is. After a few days or a week after your installation or move up  then you may do a top knot to sleep in or for daily wear. I like to sleep this way to maintain my curls. Again, Hair Extensions are NOT your natural hair, you need to exercise caution in putting them up or back, tugging on your hair could cause redness at the site, itching and hair loss. It is extremely rare this would happen organically. It is best to have them professionally removed if you are experiencing pain or itching. Not rinsing shampoo and conditioner completely when washing your hair could cause discomfort, and they need to be completely dry before going to sleep, never sleep on wet hair. Extensions are actually a foreign body on your head. Attached to the hair near your scalp. The beads I use are aluminum, some are silicone filled, the beads cannot slip out the way I attach them. The hair wefts are sewn on top of the beaded row on your scalp, much like a braided row.


Sewn In Hair Extensions require extra care and maintenance as outlined below.      

They are NOT for Everyone:   

If you have Very Thick or Very Curly or Very Frizzy Hair that Tangles Easily, Extensions are NOT recommended for you. If your hair is shedding or falling out in large quantities they are not recommended. A Hairpiece might be an option then. If you do not have time to dry them properly and use professional hair products and Brush and style them you will not be happy with your results. Don't get them. Extensions are not your natural hair. They do not grow out of your scalp. They are attached very close to your scalp and appear that way but daily brushing and putting your hair up (gently) or in a low pony/braid or bun when you swim, sleep, or exercise is a MUST.  You can feel them when you touch your scalp at their attachment, this bothers some people even though you cannot see them. You really do not know if you can wear them unless you get them installed. Wearing Clip In Extensions are a GREAT Indication whether your hair is long enough and if you can tolerate them and if you can style them and keep them looking natural all day. My Extensions are SO LIGHTWEIGHT compared to Clip Ins. If you are a Clip In Extensions Wearer, you can easily wear my extensions. I also have Halo Extensions that are a removable hairpiece that might be a better option if permanent extensions are too much daily maintenance for your lifestyle. You have to be committed to taking excellent care of your investment. Outlined below is my care and maintenance guide.

Day 1:



Arrive with freshly washed, clean, dry hair, no products if possible. Do NOT get your hair CUT or TRIMMED before coming in, the hair needs to blend in with the extensions, hard, BLUNT lines don't. If you color your hair, You must DO THAT BEFORE coming in to see me. The ENDS/Tips of your hair are what determine what extensions colors I will use. Your hair color MUST BE PERFECT especially the last few inches, as that is what I COLOR MATCH the extensions to.  


After Installation There may be some scalp sensitivity while you get used to them. Similar to a new set of acrylic nails. This usually lasts just the first night. I recommend taking a few Motrin if possible after installation. If you are very sensitive you may have some slight itching, take Benadryl or an antihistamine (allergy pill) for this. If you have NEVER worn any kind of extensions or even clip ins you will need a few days to get used to wearing the extensions. It is an adjustment. The added weight on your head is something you do get used to. The weight is minimal compared to other methods, is what my clients say as soon as I am finished. Is that it? Are they in? It doesn't even Hurt! Are all comments I hear. It is similar to the feeling of wearing clip in extensions only about 1/4 the weight, so it is much more comfortable. You will want to wash your hair less often, and use dry shampoo in between shampoos.  (Wait a few days to shampoo after your move ups). You CAN pull your hair back but not like your normally do, you have to be gentle and not tug tightly on your hair. You can wear them in a low ponytail and half up, half down and no one will see the extensions. It is also 4 times heavier when wet. NEVER GO TO SLEEP WITH WET HAIR


N E V E R  BRUSH or COMB WET HAIR. If you have Fine Natural Hair, you will learn this trick and your natural hair will not break off anymore. Hair is most fragile when it is wet, it will stretch like a rubber band and then it can break.  Gently Towel Blot your hair. Apply Leave in Conditioner, a few sprays, and scrunch some oil into your hair. Use a Diffuser or Warm and Low Speed Blow Dryer to Dry the hair first, even if it has tangles. Then the tangles will fall out after the hair is dry and you gently brush it. On Dry Hair Always start low and brush out tangles at the ends first, Holding your hair in a ponytail and brushing the ends, working your way up the ponytail while gripping it tightly. Adding a few drops of oil to the ends will help to keep them soft and tangle free. Work your way up brushing gently, holding tightly to the hair above where you are brushing, in a ponytail. When you get to the scalp, brush your scalp to exfoliate it,Use a soft toothbrush or color application brush to gently exfoliate your scalp around your extensions, some people do not rinse out shampoo or wash this area and it can get flakey.  You may use a comb to gently de-tangle up high where the extensions are inserted, this is ONLY after they are completely DRY (Do Not Comb or DeTangle them when still WET). Hold the weft at the top against your scalp and insert the comb 1/4 inch below. Insert the comb just below the top of the extension weft, pull down gently a few inches to get the tangles that will occur there, do not comb all the way down the hair, just a few inches from the top . Then you can Brush the tangles out from the midshaft and ends of the hair. The extensions WILL seem tangled when wet at the BASE, this is normal, wait until they are DRY to use your comb while holding the ext Installation Site against your head and combing them out with the other hand. Do not pull or tug aggressively at your extensions, always hold the top of them when brushing or combing so as not to irritate the scalp. If you comb or brush the tangles out when WET, it will cause  stress on your scalp, and stretch your hair, giving the appearance that your extensions have grown out more quickly.


Brush your hair removing all of the tangles before you get your hair wet. (this pertains to working out, or any activity where your extensions might get wet) Tie your hair back or braid it to avoid tangles when very active. Use a shampoo that is sulfate free and for color treated hair. Wet the scalp and extensions thoroughly, gently massaging the scalp to remove dry shampoo and hair spray, this will help the shampoo work better. Use warm to cool water, never hot. Massage scalp only with the shampoo, add more water before you add more shampoo. Do not put shampoo onto the extensions. Use the lather from above them and squeeze it through the extensions, Shampoo will dry out your extension hair. USING a HAND HELD Shower Head will make it easier to RINSE your extensions at the Attachment Site (your scalp). (WASH YOUR SCALP / CONDITION YOUR ENDS).  If you want to wash your hair every day, instead you can try pulling your extensions back into a ponytail and lean forward into a kitchen sink and shampoo just the bang area and top of your hair, if you are excessively oil there. Shampoo every 2-3 days if possible, or if you can go longer that is great! I recommend every 5-7 days. 


Rinse shampoo from your scalp and ends thoroughly, then rinse 30 more seconds. Squeeze excess water from the ends, use a towel to gently squeeze (never rub your hair with a towel, only BLOT).  Then apply a Generous amount of your favorite Deep Conditioner,  Mask or Conditioner to the ENDS of your hair. Do Not Condition Your Scalp. Work it through the ends, do not condition the top of the extensions at the scalp, no need to be so thorough, it will be difficult to rinse. Do Not Comb your hair while it is wet, Leave the conditioner in as long as you can. 3-5 minutes at least. 30 minutes or longer is good once in a while. It is recommended to CHANGE your conditioner every few times, your hair needs more moisture/protein in different amounts, and it can get used to the same ratio, causing it to be less effective over time.


If your hair is still wet and it is tangled, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BRUSH IT OUT. DRY IT completely before gently brushing/combing from the bottom of the tangle up towards the scalp. WET hair will tangle ESPECIALLY with as many wefts as are on a row, there is "double hair" at the attachment and those cross fibers tend to rub on each other and it feels tangled. Just brush the bottom half of your hair gently if you must to distribute the products and dry it, or air dry it. THEN you can remove the tangles easily.  DO NOT put conditioner in a tangle and get it wet. This actually makes it worse. If you have a Tangle that is not coming out, be sure your hair is COMPLETEY DRY. If it has too much oil or conditioner in the tangled area, it will not come out, it is too sticky and rubbery and will stretch, but not detangle. You may have to shampoo it and rinse it and dry it. Then the tangle can be coaxed out, from the bottom up in small sections. Use a brush or comb, or tail comb to pick through it then brush it.  Text me if you have trouble.  I can talk you through it. If you want me to de-tangle your hair, I charge $35 for a "fix it" appointment which should take no more than 20-30 minutes, if it requires more time then it will be an additional, charge.  Tangles should not be allowed to become MATTED. Gently work your way from the bottom up to de-tangle, don't be afraid to really brush and comb your WHOLE Extensions Weft, from the very top just 1/4 " below the attachment, thru the ends. If you want your extensions REMOVED I will do that at no charge. It takes 15-30 min.

TEXT ME at : 916-803-3602 As Soon As You Realize you are experiencing any issues with your extensions. DO NOT try to figure out what to do yourself. I have pretty much heard it all. I will answer your texts  and bring you in for a fix it appointment asap if needed. Text me a photo of what is happening, what seems like something big is probably not. This method is the most trouble free method I have ever used. It is less stress on the hair and it gives the most natural results. Extensions are not for everyone.  The only way to really know if you can wear them and they will work with your lifestyle is to try wearing them. If you need my help please ask. I cannot read your mind. If you want a few inches cut off I can do that free of charge. If you want more layers, do not let anyone else touch your extensions. They are my artwork and I am happy to modify them per your request. There is No such thing as a dumb question. I want you to enjoy your Hair and have Increased Confidence. If you have any questions or concerns please notify me. I can also explain something that isn't clear if you need me to do so. Please be polite and realize I will get back to you very soon, I may be with another client and don't see your text as soon as you send it. IF I do not return your text within 12 hours, then I never received it or it got buried under a pile of other texts. Please text me again at that time and be SURE you have READ this entire page.


MOVE UP/ Tightening:

At this time your natural hair has grown about 1". The extensions will feel loose and like they are not as tight as they were. Don't worry, they are still secure, some even like this time the best! The way they are installed with beads connecting more sideways than up and down they literally can NOT fall out. Like a braid, I secured at the end it won't come out. It will have grown out, that's a good thing! The sides will slide back but still hug your head, the back will go with gravity and hand straight down, that is the part you will feel the most. It is still secure but time for a move up/tightening. You should have pre booked your appointment for your move up, but if you haven't please text me with your availability. The way they are installed you may get the sensation of sagging in the middle back of your weft, this is normal and nothing to be worried about. It just lets you know it is time for your move up soon! One row is $150 (one hour) to move up, Two rows is $250 (2 hours) to move up. Three rows is $350. Arrive with Clean, DRY, hair for your appointment. I want to be able to Style/Curl your hair and dirty hair does not curl well. At this time we can change the positioning of your row(s) if you want to and add a fresh weft of hair to the row or remove a weft. Exchanging just 2 wefts with 2 new colors can change the whole look of your extensions. It's so much fun!

Redness or Itching

at the Attachment Site:

If you do not RINSE your extensions thoroughly (with a hand held sprayer if possible) after shampooing, the shampoo build up can irritate your scalp. This happens to children sometimes when they do not rinse well and they get a waxy build up or dandruff like flakes. If you re-wash your hair gently exfoliating your scalp and rinse thoroughly the sensation should subside.  Do not put Conditioner on or near the attachment at the root, it will be impossible to rinse completely as there is a lot of hair at the attachment site.  Always scrub /massage shampoo with one finger on your scalp adjacent to the extensions, you must exfoliate your scalp or it will get irritated. Excessive pulling or tightness of ponytails or wearing tight hats WILL irritate your scalp. Do not wear a rubber scuba mask or swim cap as this can put excessive pressure on your scalp and hair. Extensions are a foreign body temporarily attached at the base of your hair very close to your scalp. They do not grow out of your scalp. It just looks like they do :)  If your extensions are VERY long they will be 4x heavier when WET, the excess weight can irritate your scalp. You can take ibuprofen and/or benadryl (if you are not allergic to those meds) to alleviate the irritation and inflammation and itchy sensation if you experience that. If you are person that pics at their scalp or pulls their hair out, then maybe extensions would irritate you and you should reconsider getting them. Tea Tree oil is good to rub on your scalp to soothe it.  If you get dandruff like flakes it is probably just dry scalp, use a toothbrush or soft brush to exfoliate your scalp.


I love what I do and spend too many hours a day doing it, but it's what makes me happy! My clients are very grateful for my knowledge and skill. Please don't abuse me or try to take advantage of me. You will not be my client anymore. Period. Excessive/Argumentative  Texting will not be tolerated.  I only take clients who have good energy and that I am able to communicate with easily. This is a very personal business and our relationship needs to be comfortable. I want you to feel you can trust me. I want you to be an extension client for a long time, it is addicting..... don't say I didn't warn you! The Confidence that wearing them gives you..... It's Life Changing!

I reserve the right to say to you that THIS JUST ISN'T WORKING OUT FOR ME.WE ARE JUST NOT A GOOD FIT ANYMORE.  I will most likely give you a referral to someone who does a similar method. If you wish to no longer be my client then you have every right to leave. We both need to be on the same page with the Care and Upkeep of your hair. I want to exceed your every expectation! 


IF you try to FIX something yourself, you might ruin your extensions. Take a Photo and Text it to me. It is probably nothing to be alarmed about but I would appreciate knowing if you are having a problem. 

Lastly . . . Thank You!  I sincerely appreciate you reading all of this!