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Installation Appointment

Arrive with Clean, Freshly Shampooed, Dry (not wet) Hair. Use minimal products on it if possible. Your hair color should be exactly where you like it as I will match the extensions to the ENDS of your existing hair to assure a perfect blend. I do NOT Color your Natural Hair. Get this done BEFORE coming to see me. If you need your roots touched up or hilights on top done, that can easily be done after the extensions are installed, by your colorist.  Just do not alter the ends of your hair. It is BEST to have your color freshly done prior to arrival for your Installation. It is best to Always have your Grey Coverage done just BEFORE I do your 8 week scheduled Move Ups.

I do my Consultations the same time as my Extension Installations. (Because I already have all the hair in stock). The consultation should have been done over the phone, by text messages or by email. We agree on a price range and a plan and when you arrive I can show you different options if you would like. One row or two rows. 14" or 18" or 22" hair, it depends on the look your are trying to achieve. Not everyone can wear 22' hair extensions. There is a small chance you will arrive and your hair is too delicate or too short for me to install them. I will make every effort to catch this while looking at your photos. Please be sure they are accurate and recent. I ALSO reserve the right to refuse service. We have to be able to work together. If I feel I cannot meet your needs I will let you know. The Integrity of Your Hair and your Complete Satisfaction are my highest priorities. 

 I have all the hair colors already in stock. I will explain my method and show you on a mannequin head what it looks like. You can feel the hair and see all of my colors I have on my Hair Wall. If you want to know what it will look like I can let you try on my Halo Couture Halo Hair Extensions. It mimics the Beaded Rows Placement on your head. You may even like the Halo better, because it is removable. It is a great way to get used to extensions. If you like the halo, I can order you one in your color and you can return in 2 days to try it on and I will trim it if needed and show you how to care for it. @halocoutureextensions on Instagram

After 25 minutes I will ask you when you would like to schedule your Installation Appointment. At that time I require a $300. Deposit so that I can reserve your 2-4 hour appointment time slot just for you. (This does go toward payment of your extensions). 

My extensions lengths are 14', 18' and 22'.  (I also use a brand of hair for some of my blonds that is 16", 20" and 24"). Slavic Hair comes in 18, 20, 22 and 24" Lengths, it is straight and fine. They will blend perfectly into your natural hair after installation. This is a very important part of the process. If after 1-2 weeks you would like some more length removed or more layers added to your extensions, I will do this at no charge. Do not have someone Cut them or try to color them. I will take a Before Photo from the back and then install the row of beads. Then I will choose the hair wefts to blend best with your hair. I will clip them onto the row and show you the color match, then sew them onto the beaded row that was previously installed. If another row is needed I will install that one. Before cutting and blending I will discuss with you the style you want and how you will be wearing your hair. I will smooth it out to take a photo and then curl and style it to take another After Photo. Your Move Up Appointment will be scheduled for 8 weeks out. I will recommend products if you do not have them already. I have everything you need in stock. The Hair and the Products. Payment in full is due at time of service, in Cash or Visa or Debit card via The Square or Zelle. Any questions you have should be answered by the end of this appointment. If you have ANY questions or Concerns it is YOUR responsibility to CONTACT ME ASAP via TEXT. I will respond very quickly. No question is silly. I am constantly amazed at how my clients teach ME how they care for their hair. Extensions are an INVESTMENT and you want to take very good care of your investment! Most questions can be answered by reading the "Frequently Asked Questions" Section of this Website.I am not trying to be intimidating at all. I have been doing this a long time and I know what works and doesn't work. Don't be afraid to ask me a question, the first few weeks there are always little questions that you have and I am happy to answer them via text. It's a LOT of information to grasp in the beginning, so if you feel frustrated, take a breath, let it out and TEXT ME :) believe me, I've heard it all. 


What are Beaded Rows Hand Tied Weft Sewn In Hair Extensions?

Beaded Rows Sewn In Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions are actually the ONLY method I do now. I have used all the other methods and have found this one to work best for the most people.  Especially for Fine and Thin Haired Clients and are for the Sides and Back area of your head, not the top. Colored Hair Powder or a Hairpiece are needed to thicken the top area if it is thinning. I took the Kacey Welch Method Class with Kacey in person, twice, I'm certified in her method and I am doing that now, since 2015.  

I use Hand Tied Wefts (more delicate and comfortable than Machine Wefted Hair). I attach layers of these wefts to one ROW. A Row is a row of beads or Track, similar to a braid attached to the hair. I use Silicone Lined Beads to decrease the chance of damage to your hair and so they won't slip or cut your hair. Most people only need ONE ROW.  I can attach 1-6 Wefts of hair to this Row, giving me all kinds of color options. There is no other method that blends with your own hair more beautifully.  If you have shorter layers at your crown then another row might be needed, above the row just installed. The hair reaches around from just in front of your ear and in a Horseshoe Shape around the back to just in front of your other ear. It is possible to wear your hair in a ponytail. The points of attachment are just along that row, so pulling your hair half up or a high pony is achievable.

The Difference between THIS method and the Individual Strand by Strand Methods (Fusion, Micro Link, Linkies, Shrinkies, Pro Tubes, Hairdreams, Dreamcatchers) is the Point of Attachment. It is just one row. (or two rows) Not all over your head. It is NOT a Beaded Weft. Not Five or More Row like TRACKS of WEAVE HAIR. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too until I started doing it myself. It's the only method I have done since April, 2014. I've converted all of my clients to this.

If you are new to beaded row extensions I usually recommend getting just one row to start. Especially if it is your first experience with hair extensions. I want you to enjoy your extensions and be able to take care of them. It is BEST to just go 2-4 Inches more in length with one row to make the extensions blend best with your hair. When your hair grows with the extensions in, then you can Graduate to getting longer hair!  It's actually kind of exciting when I go to move up your row after 8 weeks and realize YOUR HAIR is just as long as the extensions! If you want to go longer than 6 inches past your natural length, then 2 rows is NECESSARY to be sure you don't get a mullet situation....

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Is My Hair Long Enough?

If your hair is touching the top of your shoulders or LONGER then your hair is probably long enough to cover the attachments and look natural with minimal effort from you during styling.  The most important place is actually your Crown Hair, it needs to be 6 inches long to COVER the extensions at the top and style so they are undetectable. This actually is true with ANY Method of extensions. I have done extensions on hair that is 2 inches long. I will never do that again. It only looks okay when looking at the FRONT, but the sides and back are not good.  If your hair is not quite long enough to blend in with the extensions I will let you know that you need to wait a few more months. I would rather have you wait then to spend your money and hate the method just because your hair is not long enough. Send me some photos or a video on your phone showing in good lighting the back, front and sides of your head, so I can see your length, layers, thickness, and texture.  (Natural and/or Straightened)  Please describe your hair to me, is it fine, wavy, curly, do you straighten it or just let it dry naturally. I do not recommend my extensions if your Natural hair is Very Very Curly and Very Frizzy. My Extensions are a Natural Body Wave , it holds a curl easily but is not curly naturally. You will need to curl your hair or the extensions or smooth out both to blend. TheVery curly Extensions I've tried are way too easily tangled and I no longer use them. No, you cannot bring your own extension hair. I have tried this and found that most hair extensions found on the internet are not what they say they are. My hair is INDIAN Remy Cuticle Hair, with the cuticle going in the same direction, not stripped off, it is intact. It is not covered in a Silicone Coating.  The life of the hair is 6 months up to one year with proper care. (Light Blond Hair may be less time).  Move Ups are every 6-8 weeks.