3: Please arrive at your exact time or a few min later. I value your privacy and do not overlap clients, one at a time is my policy. I do not have a receptionist and I work alone. Please text me when you arrive and if I can I will let you in earlier. Please wait on my front porch for a few minutes. I will text you if I am running behind. Temple Coffee is located on my street, at 22nd and K, a nice place to hang out if you are early. 


5: Please arrive with your hair CLEAN: freshly shampooed and completely DRY. (one day dirty is ok). These appts are to be made before you leave for 6-8 weeks so that your extensions will not be too grown out and cause possible damage to your hair if left to grow out too long. Your rows will feel like they are grown out, they will not fall out, they are very secure. They just feel "loose" because your hair is growing. 


12: Because I guarantee my hair's quality I use only hair I am familiar with. I use the best hair available and am always searching and testing new hair. I use Russian (Slavic), Indian Remy Wavy, and Asian Hair. 


7: TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY if you have a concern or question about the care of or condition of your extensions. I can help you decide If you need to come in soon or if I can help you via text. Taking a photo of your hair concern helps me understand best. If I do not know you are experiencing a problem I cannot help. I can work you in usually the very next day at 10am.

Extension Specialist since 2004 / 15 years

Cosmetology License since 1998 

Midtown Sacramento, CA Location since 2010

My Private

Hair Extension Studio is Located in my Home, 2nd Floor.

By Appointment Only.

Beginning at 11am.

*No Guests or pets or

children please

* * * * * * * * * * * * 


15: A Deposit to hold your Initial Installation Appointment is required. $300 to PayPal:  (friends & family)


AFTER receiving your deposit We can schedule your appointment. 

I take: Zelle,  The Square,  Apple Pay and Cash


4: I work from home. I live here. Please respect my privacy and do not bring anyone to your appointment with you. I want to give you my undivided attention with no distractions. If you have a special circumstance, please let me know BEFORE your arrival.  I have a few cats that you might see, in the case of those with allergies I want to inform you of this. A few of my clients are allergic to them but this has not been a problem. 


Please Read:


16. Have your colorist do your touch up root color and/or hi lights (and end color) just prior to my installing your extensions. When it is time to color again do it just before your extension move up. If you have to wait until afterwards, wait about one week, so the extensions will not be so tight when you get your color done. Check with your colorist to be sure they are familiar and comfortable with coloring around extensions. I can suggest someone if you need me to. Do not let them cut your hair or your extensions. They may not blend anymore if they do. 


14: Taking a break from wearing extensions is not necessary. If they are installed correctly and cared for then there is no worry of damage occurring. Reasons for Removal: Surgery, MRI (the beads are aluminum) Complete color change, Vacations where the care may get in the way of your fun.  If you would like them removed safely, I do not charge for this and can work you in within 24 hours. The process takes 15-30 minutes. I hold 10am slots open for this Monday - Friday. 

Sacramento  Hair  Extensions          Pam  Edwards 

BRUSHING YOUR HAIR (DRY Hair) never wet.

11: Carefully brush out all tangles by holding the middle part of your hair tightly and brushing the ends out first, working your way up. Do this at least TWO TIMES A DAY, at Bedtime and in the morning. Clip up your natural hair in a circle on top of your head. Then clip up the first row, then clip up the second row. et each row down and brush them. Shampoo them this way too. Rinsing between each row before starting on the next row. Braid or ponytail or bun your hair before sleeping or getting it wet with activities such as: Swimming, sauna, working out, sweating, getting wind blown, motorcycle riding or any extreme activity that could cause your hair to tangle. Spray a leave in conditioner or pre-wet your hair with tap water before getting it wet in a chlorinated pool.


10: Be very careful. Do. not pull or push tightly on your extensions. Hard hats/helmets or ball caps need to be adjusted larger. Ponytails are possible just be gentle. The first week after your tightening do low ponytails and Braids only. 

Policies and Procedures:

Please Read:


6: Payment in full (minus your deposit) is due at time of service. I use the Square, Zelle, and PayPal. Checks are accepted after your first Appt. 


8: I will supply you with a KIT of professional  products that have been Proven to work extremely well with your extensions. I have them for sale when you are running low. Use a Sulphate Free Shampoo. Smoothing , and/or Deep Conditioner. Oil, twice a day. Also a Leave In Spray Conditioner twice a day, brushed through. Extensions need more moisture and conditioning than your natural hair. A non damaging Extension Brush. A silk pillowcase.  Olaplex #3. Curling Irons set to 250 - 300 degrees , NO hotter. You Will Burn Your Extensions.  Lower your heat of your Blow Dryer and Flat Iron, do not pass over the same section with the iron twice until it is cooled down. Shampoo only 1-3 times a week. 

Welcome to Sacramento Hair Extensions by Pam Edwards, where  Longer and Thicker Hair is YOUR Reality! I work in a Private Home Studio by appointment only.  It is a Relaxed Peaceful Atmosphere where you feel safe. Please Read this Entire Site, I have answered Every Question about Extensions I could think of.  I'm a no nonsense straight forward person. I Respect and Care about my Clients, I expect the SAME in return. I'm a Hair Artist which means I am Sensitive, a Perfectionist and a little bit Eccentric. Put your Trust in Me and you will be completely satisfied with your hair.


9: GENTLY massage your scalp with your fingertips all over and just below and above your row of beads while shampooing. Shampoo your Scalp Only. Do NOT add shampoo to the ends of your hair and rub, use the LATHER that you made shampooing your scalp and gently Squeeze it through the ends. Rinse Thoroughly with a hand held sprayer to be sure the extension attachments are free of shampoo. The scalp can become irritated if shampoo is left there. When you think your are done rinsing, rinse for 30 more seconds. 


2: At least 24 HOURS notice is required for cancellation and rescheduling, otherwise a $50 late/no show FEE will be incurred. You will also need to PayPal me $50 more to be used to secure your next Appt, that 2nd $50 will be applied to your next Appt. $100 Total Deposit. 

Emergencies Happen, let me know asap if you are going to be running late. Fee will be waved if it's a true emergency. 

TEXT ME: 916-803-3602 

1: TEXTING is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with me. I can give you a quick answer while I am working but may not be able to have a full conversation. If for some reason you do not get a text back within 12 hours PLEASE text me again. I ask that you be Polite and Concise when texting.  If you want to move your Appt don't ask what I have available. Tell me when you are open and I can give you an immediate answer. Confirmation Texts: I will ALWAYS CONFIRM Your Upcoming Appointment about One week prior. Please respond with Yes or No that you will be coming. If I do not hear back from you I will assume you no longer need your appointment and cancel it. IF you DO NOT get a confirmation text then you do not have an appointment.  


13: DO not let anyone else cut, color, or remove your Extensions. I can explain this in more detail when we meet. (Coloring your natural hair is not a problem). They are my artwork and I cannot guarantee their longevity if they are altered in any way. If you have a question contact me first. If you want to color/hilight your NATURAL hair (not your extensions) that is easily done. I can recommend a Colorist who is familiar with working with my extensions.